Advisement Session

Please select one of our team members to see their availability.

Cole Davis

I’m a Communications major with an emphasis in Advertising. I’m familiar with effective ways to use social media to advertise one’s brand and company image. Have questions on how to best promote your big idea and get buzz about it? Come talk to me!

Nate Bridgewater

I’m a Manufacturing Engineering major. I am interested in product development and have some experience with building physical prototypes (or finding the resources to do so on campus). I am the student director of BYU’s “Student Innovator of the Year” competition.

Zach Hosman

I’m a Business Management major with an Entrepreneurship emphasis. I love entrepreneurship. I was raised by it, molded by it. I’ve been a part of many startups, both successes and failures. I interned at BoomStartUp over the summer and helped 9 tech companies get off the ground and start going. Happy to help you get connected with mentors and start to get your business rolling!