Advisement Session

This is the place. Now is the time.

Schedule 20 minutes to meet with a Student Adviser who can help you learn about Events, Competitions, Classes, Clubs/Orgs, or link you with successful entrepreneurs as Mentors.

Select one of our student advisers to see their availability. You can also click on “No preference” at the bottom of the page to see all available slots.

Cole Davis

I’m a Communications major with an emphasis in Advertising. I’m familiar with effective ways to use social media to advertise one’s brand and company image. Have questions on how to best promote your big idea and get buzz about it? Come talk to me!

Ace Haws

I’m an entrepreneurship student with a background in engineering and technology. I have experience in structural engineering consulting, materials research, and software-related support. Whether you have a tech-related idea or just want to get more involved with entrepreneurship, I’d love to help you on your path!

Morgen Glessing

I’m a Senior in the Entrepreneurship Program and have personal experience using all of the resources available to us as student entrepreneurs, both on and off campus! My goal is to help you get your business to revenue, regardless of whether it’s still an idea. My current startup has received over $50,000 in free funding and I would love to help you do the same! My specialties lie in product validation and lean startup methodology. I’m also a former Crocker Innovations Fellow and have hiked all 3,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail just in case you would rather talk about hiking instead!

Tyler Jones

I’m a Computational Mathematics major with an emphasis in Business. I have a passion for helping businesses optimize through technology and online marketing. If your idea involves tech, code, web development or getting in front of a large audience, come talk to me!